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Fit Alliance offers one-on-one personal training, small group personal training, and nutrition coaching, which is included in both training services.

The best way to choose the right service for you depends on three main factors: safety, schedule, and investment.

We recommend a free initial consultation to discuss your goals, lifestyle factors, and to perform a movement screen. If you experience pain with movement or require additional guidance, one-on-one training may be more appropriate.

However, if you’re comfortable in a community environment with adults aged 40+, you might find small group training more appealing.

In our small group personal training, we maintain a maximum coach-to-member ratio of 1:6.

However, the average ratio is typically 1:4.

If a class exceeds six people, we ensure two coaches are present to manage a group of up to eight participants.

Most of our clients are adults aged 50+, seeking guidance on adapting their workout routines to their evolving bodies. 

Common goals include building muscle, gaining strength, preventing bone loss, losing fat, enhancing balance to prevent falls, and improving mobility, especially for activities like getting up from the floor.

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday we have strength session going on throughout the day. They consist of a warm up, strength/power exercises, and a cool down.

On Tuesday & Saturday we have cardio classes. We will typically utilize a combination of machine based cardio and movement based cardio in a circuit fashion for different time intervals. We have the option to utilize a heart rate monitor to individualize your workout and super charge your results.

On Thursdays we have Yoga and on Saturday, after the cardio class, we have a relaxation/regeneration class. These classes are intended to help you de-stress and recover.


Fit Alliance aims to teach clients habits for longevity and autonomous self-care. We focus on helping you understand and practice the beneficial habits for your health. 

Please feel free to contact us at (503) 647-4527 to set up your free initial consultation or fill out our contact form!

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